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The Commander Demanded that the Officers and Soldiers Should Be Scrupulously Neutral

Reporter Wu Ti/ press release

 MP Commander and Lieutenant General Chung, Shu-Ming, accompanied by the Deputy Director of Political War Department and Colonel Chan, supervised Antai Battalion. He reminded cadres to know and understand the officers and soldiers to help solve problems; In addition, he stressed that the election activities were still frequent, officers and soldiers must respect the administrative neutrality requirements, strictly observe the division, to guard the nationalization of the military.

 Commander Chung said that cadres should manage with empathy and humanization, care about the life and duty of officers and soldiers, and improve the psychological auxiliary mechanism to properly understand the personnel situation, and effectively implement risk control. In addition, cadres should stimulate the officers and soldiers' sense of responsibility and honor, so as to rally the cohesion and morale, and work tirelessly for the honor of the team.

 Commander Chung also asked the unit to ensure the confidentiality education of service personnel in accordance with the provisions, so as to guard against leaks and violations, establish an overall consensus, and facilitate the implementation of tasks; In addition, officers and soldiers were required to abide by the administrative neutrality, do a good job, to comply with the norms. (This article is reprinted from Youth Daily, Ministry of National Defense)

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Update: 2019-08-26



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