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The MP Command Conducted Combat Power Drill to Celebrate the 87th Anniversary

The Command held 87th anniversary celebration ceremony in Chungchen Camp on Jan. 12, 2019. At the ceremony, apart from presenting awards and praising the personnel with outstanding performances from Hosung Association of counties and cities, combat power drills were also especially arranged, expecting to gather the national defense consciousness of the whole people, so that they could have a deeper understanding of the army building and war preparation of MPs through the series of activities.

Chief of the General Staff and General Li, Ming-Hsi was present at the ceremony this morning. He encouraged officers and soldiers that MP was a force that attached great importance to honor, image and combat power. It was not only a troop with fast reaction but a unit with capacities of successfully implementing special operations; when MP gradually transformed into the force with the most modern and technological force, the image of iron guard would be evolved from iron army to the three-dimensional, special-operation-like, fast-reacting elite force capable of performing central defense.

Afterwards, Commander and General Mo presided over the celebration ceremony and invited the local gentries, community and Li heads around the camp and predecessors of reserved MPs to participate in the event together. The event was kicked off with the performance performed by artwork team from Hsinchan Brigade, sign language performance by Mrs. Mei Ho from Taichung, dances of Indigenous Peoples and popular dance performance. The officers and soldiers celebrated the event together by means of the lively singing and dancing.

Moreover, in terms of the combat power demonstration, the battle dance, motor show by Rapid Response Force, fencing by the students of MP Training Center, comprehensive drills jointly performed by Counter-Strain Team and Special Force were demonstrated to show the results of diligent training and refinement at ordinary times. (This article is reprinted from Youth Daily, Ministry of National Defense:)

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Update: 2019-01-19



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