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Military Police and the police work together to uncover fake alcohol in order to maintain national food safety

In order to ensure national food safety, Military Police Command ordered its affiliated Changhua Military Police Corps to follow the instruction from Changhua District Prosecutors Office and establish a task force with Changhua Hemei Police Station and Tobacco and Alcohol Section, Department of Finance Bureau, Changhua County Government to search at a company under the management of the accountable person Yeh. Various fake alcohols in bottle packaging with quantity of 13,350 bottles, 22,610 liters in barrel packaging, and 27 barrels of semi-finished products were uncovered and the person-in-charge Yeh was arrested. The case was submitted to Changhua District Prosecutors Office for further investigation in accordance with the charge of “suspected violation of tobacco and alcohol administration”, “Food Sanitation Management Act”, and “defraud”.

In order to implement government’s decision in crime fighting, Military Police Command will continue cooperating with the organ of prosecution and investigation as well as strengthen various investigation tasks in order to maintain national food safety.

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Update: 2019-01-09



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