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The commander encourages looking ahead and spurring on the future

Commander, Lieutenant General Mo, hosted the Celebration of New Year’s Day in 2019 and monthly meeting in January yesterday. The rewards for outstanding units of recruitment were awarded for 16 items, 46 persons in total, as well as the rank and medal conferring to 88 rank-promoted personnel, including Colonel Hung who accumulated merits for advanced medal. Other than inviting family members of the rank-promoted officers’ to join the monthly meeting, a welcoming video was specially produced for the rank-promoted officers to provide high recognition and best wishes.

According to the commander, a new year is at the corner. Other than reviewing the gains and losses in the past year, all of the colleagues should also look ahead and encourage themselves for the future. Some units are going to perform the duty of flag-raising; no matter whether you are directly participating in the task, each officer should hold the belief of sharing good and bad times as well as demonstrate strong sense of honor and the spirits of team work. In one’s own mind, one should focus on ensuring the safety of guarded subjects and the fulfillment of the task to work together for maintaining the reputation of Military Police. In the end, the commander also wished all the officers and their family member in presence to stay healthy and have a nice year in the coming new year.

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Update: 2019-01-09



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