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The Department initiated countering response drill to improve the capacity of urban warfare

 On July 24, the Department carried out “Countering Response and CQB Drill” in Fuxi Camp. The drill simulated the case that how to respond when running into emergency situation during the working time, and executed CQB with the cooperation of Task Force and snipers. By utilizing proficient tactics, military policemen showed their capability of defensing capital and effectively improved the anti-terrorist response capacity. 

 The countering response drill integrated basic MP tactics such as seizing-and-grappling, disarming, wrestling and others to work out grappling methods in actual combats. The drill also handle five grappling skills like throttling and countering, seizing and pushing, leg hacking and sweeping, holding up a gun and stabbing in return, and hitting a stick in groups. Moreover, mob raid and other emergency situations are also stimulated to strengthen MP’s capacity of countering response.

 As to CQB, there were “basic sharp shooting of rifles”, “shoot by non-dominant hand”, “shooting with different guns”, “practical shooting behind the cover” and other subjects. During the training, with T91 rifle and colored bullet kit, officers and soldiers could precisely hit targets within 15 meters. Through the stimulation training, officers and soldiers improved their combat capability in troops.

 In the end, each group with four persons carried out assault drill to accomplish CQB. Such groups’ commanding skills and tacit understanding were trained by searching in limited indoor space. The capacity for urban warfare and CQB were consequently improved.

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Update: 2018-08-17



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