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The Commander Praised the Outstanding Officers and Soldiers

On May 24th, Commander and Lieutenant General Hsu Chang, chaired the monthly meeting. The ceremony first praised the "Outstanding Unit of Secret Keeping in the First Half of 2018", the "Excellent Confidential Stewards" and "Deserving Officers", and the scenes were solemn.

The Commander stated that all units should continue to implement service training according to ministerial procedures, steps, and methods in order to strengthen the officers and soldiers to counter response capacity. The merits and demerits of service discipline were the key factors affecting the success or failure of the mission. All officers and soldiers should understand their duties and ensure that all tasks could be successfully achieved. In addition, the Commander also reminded that it had become increasingly hot in the near future, and it would also enter the high-risk period of heat damage. The officials at all levels should strengthen the prevention of heat stroke and diligently inspect and master potential dangers to ensure the safety of the troops.

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Update: 2018-07-12



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