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The Commander Presided over Guard Duty Discussion Meeting

For the purpose of effectively improving the guard duty abilities of MPs, Commander and Lieutenant General Hsu Chang took in charge of Guard Duty Discussion Meeting on Jan. 9th. At the meeting, the obstructed factors for the implementation of duty were discussed and found and it also probed into the implementation effects of the missions of each Force, thereby strengthening the combat capacities of the defense and guarding.

The Commander stated that the guard duty was not only a job but also an honor for safeguarding the national security. The units should well prepare the planning and responsibility division of the guard duty in accordance with the procedures, steps and key points to progressively reinforce the duty training efficiency. They should also take the opportunity of meeting to effectively integrate the duty performance experience and obstructed factors and include them into future promotion, so that the accuracy of duty performance of soldiers could be deepened and the sound guard duty could be successfully fulfilled.

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Update: 2018-03-13



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