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The Anti-drug Propaganda Carried out by the Command to Deepen the Concepts

The Director of Political War Department and Major General Fan invited Chang, Yu-Jui, the Director of Banqiao Station, New Taipei Investigation Division to Command 205 to execute the anti-drug propaganda, expecting to deepen the correct anti-drug concepts of officers and soldiers, making them aware of the drugs hazardous, and keep themselves away from drugs and refuse drugs through anti-drug laws and regulations and practical cases lecturing.

The Director expressed that the officers and soldiers present had a deeper insight into the drug after listening to the speech addressed by Chang, Yu-Jui. Recently, the governments also launched and promoted the new-generation anti-drug strategies, integrated social resources, established sound anti-drug, drug enforcement and drug treatment processes; the national armies were responsible for defending the nation and families and no drugs were admitted to enter into the troops. Everyone should reflect on their conducts and deeds to show national armies’ resolution for putting an end to drug abuse and anti-drug.

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Update: 2017-12-01



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