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Typhoon Haitang Ensued Nisha and the Military Force Assisted in Restoration and Disaster Precautions.

Typhoon Nisha brought strong wind and heavy rain. After the departure of the typhoon, Yilan officials and soldiers assisted residents in carrying out the work of post-disaster restoration and reconstruction. Thanks to daily strict and hardheaded training and in-advanced organization and preparation, all the officials and soldiers promptly cleaned tree branches and trash in Jimmy Park and Yilan station which was severely damaged, and they also well prepared for another typhoon “Haitang” for the sake of safeguarding people’s life and property security.

Hualian Military Police Command of Military Police 204 Headquarters accepted the troops application of Yuli Township in Hualian County, filling sandbags for typhoon precautions. Led by the Captain and Lieutenant Colonel Mr. Li, the front force of Taitung Military Police of Military Police 204 Headquarters awaited orders to implement disaster relief in Guanshan Township Government. and Coordinating with the Deputy Commander of Land Force, they also visited the town mayor of Guanshan Township and gave encouragement to disaster relief officials and soldiers.

In addition, the equipped infantry 239 Camp of Military Police 202 Headquarters also carried out the work of post-disaster reconstruction. The Deputy Commander and Colonel Mr. Yang conducted the pre-service task remind, hoping to assist local governments in rapid restoration of beautiful city appearance within the shortest time. The officials and soldiers of Taipei Military Police of Military Police 202 Headquarters carried out the post-disaster reconstruction before the arrival of another typhoon “Haitang” in the hope of helping local governments with restoring the beautiful city appearance within the shortest time.

In the outer island, Matsu Military Police was ready in taking action for typhoon disaster relief, well preparing disaster relief vehicles and utensils, implementing preparedness education and training so as to ensure people’s life and property security and secure against the ensuing typhoon Haitang. (This article is reprinted from Youth Daily News.)

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